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Share a bot with another team

Say the company has 20 teams, each with some combo of users. I just set up team 21 for the help desk and put together a bot for my agents to use in helping others in the company. Now I want team 1, senior management, access to use/view the bot. Microsoft's solution is to add the members of team 1 to team 21! There are several reasons I may not want the CIO as a member of the help desk team, and why should In have to do that? I should be able to "share" the bot with another person or an entire other team.

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Dear wtfms,

Here is a Microsoft link that might be of your assistance.




Note: Let me know, If I could be of further assistance.


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Thank you Francisco. I can't find a Share button anywhere and can't sign in to the PVA web site. Is this only available to paid subscribers? I am using Teams with an E3 license and created the bot within Teams..

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Hi Wtfms,

We found it.


Check out the link:


You must have power platform licensing.




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OK, I see -- the millions we pay Microsoft each year isn't enough to share a bot between two teams, although I could share it with the whole enterprise. That leaves us with two choices: create a third team with the membership of the two teams that want to share the bot, or junk the Teams bot and use the ServiceNow bot instead. I spend more time in ServiceNow anyway, so I'll use its tools.


Thanks for the research, though. It can't have been easy to figure that out based on what I've read of Microsoft's documentation.