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Show options as list

Show options as a list instead of horizontal scroll where the arrows are normally covering the content.

The options as  a list will give a better look and feel to the chatbot.

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Agree100%... @Jeff @Brena @microsup 

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Agreed. Apparently a vertical list is possible too via Bot Framework Composer:

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@Wim, that is great, but you need to know about BFC, which is something completely different than PVA.


My suggestion is to make like the bot I developed for this brand:

When you have options, they are really aligned vertically and the text is wrapping nicelly.


That is done overwriting CSS when using an iframe just with PVA, but when using Dynamics 365 Customer Service as a hand over, Dynamics 365 has its own widget skin for the bot window and there is no way to rewrite the css at all.