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Support topic suggestions from files shared in OneDrive

Currently topic suggestions can be created out of online files that 

  • The URLs must be secure (they must start with https://).
  • The URLs must be publicly available, that is, they can't need a user to log in.
  • For online files, we do not support file upload. You must provide the full URL to the location of the file, including the file extension, as in the example
  • For online files, we currently support PDF, DOCX, PPTX, TXT files and 2-column formats in TSV, XLSX (first sheet only), and CSV. The file extension must be included in the URL.

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Files being shared in OneDrive are not supported.

Please add support for files that are shared in OneDrive.

Status: New
New Member

Is there an update for this? I really hope a feature like this is added soon or shows up on the roadmap!

New Member

Has there been any update on this?  Seems silly that we have to post our employee manual online in order to use the virtual agent to set up an HR Bot.  If there is another application we can use for this outside of Microsoft that might help.