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Support topic suggestions from files shared in OneDrive

Currently topic suggestions can be created out of online files that 

  • The URLs must be secure (they must start with https://).
  • The URLs must be publicly available, that is, they can't need a user to log in.
  • For online files, we do not support file upload. You must provide the full URL to the location of the file, including the file extension, as in the example
  • For online files, we currently support PDF, DOCX, PPTX, TXT files and 2-column formats in TSV, XLSX (first sheet only), and CSV. The file extension must be included in the URL.

( from )


Files being shared in OneDrive are not supported.

Please add support for files that are shared in OneDrive.

Status: New

100 % agree with this idea. Needed to help customers stay within Microsoft eco-system.
OneDrive is where we store documents. Need to be able to point to online word document in a OneDrive to get suggestions from FAQ files.

Customer agrees. They are currently working on launching PVA in Teams to support teams adoption!

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This is needed a.s.a.p. to decrease the barriers for new business users to come onboard and easily adopt the solution

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This is a big deal for my company. We have lots of call for HR or FAQ type bots in various parts of our company and these aren't things that come from our public web pages. But we have lots of documents in OneDrive that can serve as the basis of a good bot. 



SVP IT, Neighborly


This is a common challenge when FAQ/ KB is not available online or is being newly constructed. If content available in SP or one-drive docs can be scanned, it would be very useful. 

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you mean having a conversation with the chat bot and IF content maybe available from sharepoint or from one-drive, have the chat immediately retrieve that information to the chatbot conversation?


@microsup @JeffM 

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Yes. As a trivial example consider a typical HR document full of information you usually give to new employees. These are things like dress code, when paychecks come out, internal policies, etc. We're never going to put that stuff on a public Internet page. 


But, you put that in a chatbot by feeding it an existing document and now you can ask the chatbot when your corporate holidays are this year, whether you can wear jeans on Friday, how many days of telecommuting you are allowed, how to start a sexual harrassment complaint or whatever.


Now multiply that by every internal standards, policy, or guidance document: brand standards, expense reimbursement, account codes, store locations and their abbreviations, FAQs for every internal application, how to provision new equipment, which form to use for closing a new sale of this particular type. We would use this all the time.

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Dear Brett,

Have you tried this:

"How do you integrate a chatbot in Sharepoint?
Steps used for SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online
  1. Register your bot on Bot Framework.
  2. Write custom logic to get the details from SharePoint site.
  3. Deploy the bot to Azure and configure your bot for the appropriate channel.
  4. Interact with the bot and ask the bot for information."

Have you had a chance to read the following posting?


Here is an article that might be helpful, look towards the end.



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Here is some documents on regards to sharepoint and one drive from sharing from teams, I can't find documents for sharepoint and one drive access from a chatbot.


I suggest you, to connect to your authorized partner.


@JeffM @MsMicrosoft @microsup 

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@FranciscoOrozcoif i get the challenge being expressed here is getting content into a Micrsoft PVA bot.While so many things seems to work with Azure Bot framework,there is a limitation with PVA.It makes no sense to develop the bot in PVA then create another bot in Azure bot framework.


Organizations have alot of information stored in SharePoint as an intranet for internal use and thus may not be possible to have this information publicly.This means that while is is very easy to spin a Bot in PVA,getting content into the bot is a pain. Interoperability among-st Microsoft tools should be very possible.Authentication is through AD or 0365 or AZure. If one is able to authenticate into the bot it should be seamless to authenticate through SharePoint or One-drive where there is a a lot of content.


Content management within PVA has been the biggest challenge yet should be the easiest to develop the no-code tools.