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Support topic suggestions from files shared in OneDrive

Currently topic suggestions can be created out of online files that 

  • The URLs must be secure (they must start with https://).
  • The URLs must be publicly available, that is, they can't need a user to log in.
  • For online files, we do not support file upload. You must provide the full URL to the location of the file, including the file extension, as in the example
  • For online files, we currently support PDF, DOCX, PPTX, TXT files and 2-column formats in TSV, XLSX (first sheet only), and CSV. The file extension must be included in the URL.

( from )


Files being shared in OneDrive are not supported.

Please add support for files that are shared in OneDrive.

Status: New

100 % agree with this idea. Needed to help customers stay within Microsoft eco-system.
OneDrive is where we store documents. Need to be able to point to online word document in a OneDrive to get suggestions from FAQ files.

Customer agrees. They are currently working on launching PVA in Teams to support teams adoption!