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Topic Context Lifespan

It would great if the topic context lifespan is implemented. 

Scenario: User need to now the information related a topic XYZ for 3 different regions (Region A, Region B and Region C).

Present:(in Teams)

User asks the bot about topic XYZ and he/she is given option to choose between 3 regions(Region A, Region B and Region C) in the form of 3 buttons. User can choose only one region(Region A) of his choice and gets the information for that region. If he/she wants get the information for other regions( Region B and Region C), he/she needs to type same triggering phrase two more times. This will not give good experience for the user(typing same phrase multiple times).


Idea:  So if user chooses the regions one after the other he should be able to get the correct response for the chosen region without typing the same triggering phrase. if there are 3 choices for the topic, user should be able to select the options one by one and able to get correct response. Which will enhance the user experience.




Status: New