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Topics list customisation and export to file to enable scalable content management


Content management is not scalable because the topics list does not allow customization or export to file.

Why? Today the Virtual Agents topics list is very limited - Name, (Trigger phrases), status and errors AND you cannot export to a file.




Simply enabling the addition of custom text columns, export to file etc would make a big difference.

(in future, export to visualstudio and custom columns . . I would accept any short term workaround right now)


Solution details

1. Add custom text columns

Why? Custom text column enable scalable topic management

When you have many topics you need to

  1. Classify them using your support taxonomy / contact reason coding. We use 3 classification levels
  2. Identify the business owner and SME author
  3. Track major and Minor versions
  4. Many other uses

Even a quick and dirty approach with a custom text name and column would help.

A more refined approach of defining list Items would be much better.


2. Export / import

I am asked for a list of topics, trigger phrases, classification, business owner, SME etc and there is no export to file option.

I can copy and paste to a doc, convert text to table. But I do not see trigger phrases, classification, unique ID etc


3. Show Topic ID, Optional topic guid

Why? To uniquely identify the Topic.

We cannot rely on Topic names because they get changed. get changed , so e need a unique identified 


4. Allow trigger phrases to be exported

Why? You cannot even copy manually!

Status: New