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Virtual Agents enable reusable text, message or workflow

Virtual Agents enable reusable text, message or workflow
Scenario – reusable text or workflow
We have the same message text and steps added to many topics. eg process, product name, phone number, link, privacy footer, disclaimer etc
We would like to add a single reusable text snippet, message box or reusable workflow into most of our 200 workflows.
This would enable
# Easy update if we need to change information
# Consistent text information and links used
Using reusable text or message
Reusable text is added to 200 workflows. The process, product name, phone number, link etc changes and the reusable text is updated and we automatically update the reusable text in the 200 workflows. Today this is a manual edit.
Reusable workflow
We have a similar requirement for a reusable workflow eg steps for users to check their admin security requirements before be we continue. Today we need to refer to a different workflow or duplicate the workflow content is all our workflows.
If we refer to another workflow, we get sent back to the start of the original workflow - not the users original location in the workflow (annoying). Therefore, today we duplicate the workflow instead.
Reusable workflow Scenario
User starts Topic 1 and answers 4 questions.
Topic 1 refers the user to Topic 2
Topic 2 completes and refers back to Topic 1 - problem: the user starts the workflow again and has to answer the 4 questions again.
We would like the user to go back to the same step in Topic 1.
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