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Virtual agent chatbots possiblities(I need help)

I Have Few questions about Virtual Agents no code chatbots.

This is questions from a customer.

I want to know if what she asked is possible.


Bot/chatbot - initially just guiding questions like a chat bot but I would like to bring in AI here so it is getting more intelligent with answers and suggestions to better reflect a human and to create more personalized plans. The returner would answer a series of questions that would create a personalized return to work plan that would be shared with HR - this needs to be available across companies, not just for one.

- The returner would be able to access training (live and on-demand) from some sort of app or shared portal - I was looking at MS Teams

- The returner would be able to chat with other returners (from different companies) - again I was looking at MS Teams

Status: New