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This blog shows you how to work with the CDS Entity Option Set fields for the PowerApps Patch and the Flow Condition to work successfully.
Consider a ticketing PowerApp which is using a CDS entity. The status of the ticket is saved in an Option Set field in the entity. When the ticket is created the status is changed to In-Progress using the patch function and when the ticket is completed an email notification is sent using Flow.

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This blog is about using Flow as an interface between PowerApps and SQL Server. I three simple to follow steps I will show you how to set-up this solutions.


Reasons to adopt this technic are:

  • Ability to store more then 2.000 records (limit connector)
  • Dis-connect the direct connection between PowerApps and your SQL Tables
  • Increase speed off your PowerApp
  • Overcome cashing issues SQL Server table content 

Are you more visual oriented then you maybe first want to look at this video


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hump - Copy.gif"What hump?"It is amazing that you can actually create a App with PowerApps without understanding the principles of relational database design.  What is not amazing is how inefficiently the app will function with respect to creating new records, retrieving accurate and usable information, updating existing records that need to be changed, and deleting the right records without removing other valuable information from the database.