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Level 10

This blog post is part of a series called AMFTF (a message from the field) containing short blog posts about a best practice, a functionality, a how-to and/or something just worth writing a blog post about Robot Happy Todays topic is about a community initiative called 'PnP PowerShell'.


Super User
Super User

This blog walks you through the process of how you can create cascading dropdowns in a PowerApp and save it to a  single line of text column. In this blog a SharePoint list with three single line of text columns has been used to save the item. In addition, three separate lists are used for the cascading dropdown data.


Level 10

One of the common requirements I run into when it comes to app forms of any kind is Cascading Dropdowns. So since I'm sure we'll all need them at one time or another, let's run through the steps to create them in PowerApps.



This will be demonstrated on a Change Request app form that collects very basic information about change requests. The app will have three fields: Category, Sub-Category, and Answer. The sub-category will depend on the category selected, and the question the user will have to answer will depend on the sub-category selected.


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