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Azure Service Bus: Pull vs Push, and Base64 woes...

I have a Service Bus Topic set up, and I'm sending messages to it from an Azure Function.  I am able to "Get" those messages using an AzureServiceBus data source.  However, I haven't quite achieved PowerApps/Service Bus nirvana.   I have two questions:


First, do I understand correctly that PowerApps doesn't currently have an "onMessage" functionality?  That is, must I always poll the Topic (or Queue) for a message; messages can not be pushed into PA?


Second, no matter what I do on the message creation side, I end up with a Base64-encoded string as the ContentData of my message.  If I write my own topic client, the message body is clearly JSON--or a String, if I send it that way.  No matter what I send, however, in my PowerApps message it's Base64 encoded.  I don't see a handy "Decode" function in the PowerApps list o' functions, so what am I supposed to do with the data as is?



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Re: Azure Service Bus: Pull vs Push, and Base64 woes...

Hi charleswstanton,


I referred to the documentation about Office 365 Outlook, there is a function about “On New Email”, it triggers a flow when a new email arrives.

So I check this trigger on the flow, I found that On new email is only available for Office 365 Outlook, Outlook.con, Gmail, but no one for Azure Service Bus.



About question2, currently PowerApps doesn’t have a Decode function. May I suggest you submit an idea at PowerApps ideas Forum about this function.


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