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Powerapps web app

My apologies if this is really simple question, but I have searched the forums with no luck.


Currently, I am running a database, that is read only to the users, and used simply for reference in the acces wep app through SharePoint.  Since it seems the Access Web app is no longer going to be updated, and adding multiple data entries to the Common Data Service (via Excel 2016) is a lot easier, I thought I would give PowerApps a try.  Building an app with the Common Data Service was extremely easy and works just like it needs. 


The one issue is the mobile app seems strange to use when accessing through the web.  Is there a web version that is not built to look like mobile?  In this instance, I believe the users would rarely use on their phone, and almost always through web, and ideally, used in SharePoint. 


Thank you in advance for your response,



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Re: Powerapps web app

Hi Brett_Budd,


Currently, we only support Phone layout and Tablet layout.


So when creating an app from the data automatically, we can only use Phone layout. While if you create an app from blank and from template, you could choose to use Tablet layout.



So if you don’t want to use Phone layout, please consider to start an app from blank and configure it according to your needs.

About how to configure an app according to your needs, please check this documentation for a reference:




Hope this could be a reference for you. If you need more help, please feel free reply.


Best regards,
Mabel Mao