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native camera & flow

I'm trying to use the Native Camera control announced in this blog post: It works very well.


However I would like to process the image captured with that control, using Microsoft flow. I see a lot of blogs explaining to get the data uri from the image and use that base64 encode string, but that only seems to apply to the built in camera control.


I've seen this thread ( that addresses a similair issue, however I'm not planning to built a custom WebApi. At most an azure funtion, but I'd rather use Microsoft Flow. Any ideas on how this might work? Or any ideas in general on how to use the image from the 'Add Image' control can be used for further processing?





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Re: native camera & flow

Hi Martijn


You and me are doing the exact same thing and I spent some time trying to come up with a way. Glad to see I am not alone!


I have added this to the suggestion box and perhaps vote for it?