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Ability to control amount of whitespace between tabs/sections on forms

Author Name: Mitch Kirady

System customizers should have the ability to control how much whitespace appears between tabs/sections on forms. Currently, when looking at CRM, there is always so much whitespace. If we had control over that, we could maximize on visual appeal and screen real estate.

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Agreed!  We have numerous sections on many of our forms, and would love to be able to condense.

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Sure supporting this!

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Control of the user interface is one of the most critical aspects of developing an application.  The easier it is for the end user to navigate, the more engaged they will be.  White space is one aspect of many that can enhance the user experience.

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Yes please

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Recently had a customer request where having the ability to manage the white space would have resolved the issue in a more optimum way. I fully support providing additional control over the customization of the look of a form.

Thank you.

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Really need to be able to do this--MSFT is severely limiting our ability to give users everything needed on one screen

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Apologies just pressed vote down by accident and not sure how to remove it!

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Would definitely like more control over the limited real estate I have for information.

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Seems like it would be an easy way to make a huge difference.