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Ability to reference items in a control using "Self"

This is basically the same idea as in Self reference named operator for controls idea, and even though I commented on it as well, I thought it might be useful to create a new one to have it "bubble to the top" since the prior one was marked as Completed - which in my opinion it was not.  


So as in the prior idea, the request here is to have a Self (or ThisControl, or whatever it may be called) operator that would allow one to access members of the SAME control without having to refer to it directly by name. 


This would be very similar to the Parent operator or even ThisItem and would both save time and prevent errors when copying and pasting similar controls (especially when creating "composite" controls by grouping others).  


When one copies and pastes controls that reference another property within the same control, one then has to go back and manually ensure that all references are modified to be that of the new control (yes PowerApps in some cases will rename on copy and paste - but this often/usually does not work in the code blocks).  


Please see the link above for the prior idea for more information.


Note, this would be a BIG productivity boost for me.

Note that as I am unaware if there is another way to flag that an idea that was marked as completed did not appear to meet what the idea asked for I have created a new one.  If this is not the appropriate way, please let us know how otherwise to flag this (perhaps just commenting is enough?).  


Status: Under Review

This is a great idea. Flagging @GregLi to review.

Level: Powered On

I would really like being able to self-reference controls. 

Level: Powered On

Searching for this feature as well.


SELF REFERENCE should be a standard forever!!!

The answer to this post was a bit "shortheaded". Self-Reference is more than a "name".color

"myself".color is much more needed when we copy elements!