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Access Canvas Studio from the Maker Portal

Right now, (from the Maker Portal) if you want to go in the Canvas App studio (, you have to create a new App (give it a name, go in the templates area/blank, etc..) or edit an existing App or type in the URL directly.

Now, even if you bookmark that URL, the selection of environment from there is not as when you're in the Maker Portal.

90% of the time, it's fine... but if/when you want to open a local file.. such as importing Pratap's app to browse Bizz App sessions, you can't just 'jump into' the studio to get the File -> Open options (unless I missed something here).


Would be nice to have an option in the Maker Portal to open up the Studio directly without creating / editing an App absolutely.

Status: New
Level 8

Nevermind.. (tried to remove post after I've found the solution!)

If you go via Apps, Create an app, Canvas.. it gets you there.. sorry for post ;-)