Add ability to add Custom Connector with limited scope to DLP

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by KC on ‎02-08-2018 07:33 AM

There is another idea similar to mine here in the ideas section which should also be voted for


I want to add that not only should there be a way to add a Custom Connector to your company's Data Loss Protection Policy (DLP) but also the ability to limit it's scope. For instance I've created a custom connector to a department database, even though my PowerApp will be available to all personnel in my company. The custom connector should not be allowed to be implemented into any other app that may be developed within the company. 


Right now all connectors in the Business Data group are available for use within any departments PowerApp.

We need to not only be able to add  Custom Connectors to the DLP business data only group but also be able to limit who can include the connector in their PowerApp.


by jcr5999
on ‎02-27-2018 06:03 AM

This is a great idea!  

Are you say that O365 Admins need to set the permissions of the custom connector?  I'd rather the user creating the custom connector be responsible for the permissions.

by KC
‎02-27-2018 06:51 AM - edited ‎02-27-2018 03:27 PM


Correct,sorry I was not more clear on that,  the creator of custom connector should have this ability since they are the most familiar with their datasources.

The admins should be able to override if required though.

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