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Allowing a changelog or comment with each saved version

It's great that we can save and then revert new versions but there is no opportunity to provide a comment when a new version is saved so it is basically impossible to know what was changed from one version to the next. If you ever have to revert a version it would be nice to know what changes were made so you could redo them if needed.

Status: Planned
Flow Staff
Status changed to: Planned
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Is there any update to this? The June 2018 release included functionality for commenting code, wasn't sure if there was a relationship between the two or a new focus on commenting abilities.

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any info on this, why would you show the comment and then not let it be added. i dont understand that sort of logic.

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I came here after noticing the Comment column in my list of saves and publishes. Sounds like a great idea and must be simple to implement.  I'm actually surprised that there is a visible non-functional comment column currently exposed.


Is there any status on this simple change. I see it went to "Planned" over 2 years ago.



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When will this come available?