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Autosave on the web editor

I'm working a lot on the web editor and it crashes a lot (for some reason it sometimes give errors and crashes). Then all my work is lost and I have to start over. Is there a possibility to have an autosave functionality? Now I need to do constantly CTRL + S to make sure nothing gets lost. Also if the session is expired and you haven't saved, your work is also lost.



Status: Completed
Level 8

Yes, this is extremely annoying. It brings me back to the days when Word and Excel didn't have the autosave function and all your hard work are lost after crashes. This wouldn't be necessary if PowerApps is stable enough to work with or sessions never time out.


Level: Powered On

It's not just you who experiences regular crashes. 

I can plan on at least one (and usually several) crashes a day.

The PowerApps development platform is still quite unstable over the web.

An Autosave every 5 minutes would save hours of lost work.

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Not just the web the desktop appcrashes a lot as well Smiley Sad In the world of autosave everywhere it's a challange to need to remeber to go and save often. 

PowerApps Staff
Status changed to: Completed
Level: Powered On

Is this actually completed? How do I see that it's autosaving? I still experience very frequent crashes and loss og work progress. 

Level 8

@Vandkunst I'm sure you've found it by now, but for the sake of the google searches!

While you're editing an app if you go to File and then Account, you can turn on the autosave function for yourself.