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CRM 2011 Field Security

Author Name: Matthew Wittemann

Field Level Security is great in CRM 2011, but it would be great to have it available on system fields as well.

Status: Completed
Level: Powered On
Of the top 10 items on Connect this appears to be the ONLY one to be addressed in CRM 2015
Level: Powered On
As a top 5 item on Connect that has been here now for over 3.5 YEARS (top one for nearly 4 years if the primary feedback item that doesn't show in searches is included - see link above) I'm disappointed that it has taken SO LONG for this to be addressed in CRM 2015. What is the point of the new "rapid release cadence" if things like this take so long?
Level: Powered On


Level: Powered On

Has anyone else noticed that the tooltip of a secured field shows the default value of the field to users who cannot read the actual value?  Not a security issue, since the default value is relatively unimportant, but a confusing user experience.