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Code Editor: Allow popout into separate resizable window / dialog

Please provide the ability for the code editor to pop out into a SEPARATE, moveable and resizeable window.


Status: Under Review
Level: Powered On

Agreed.  Low code/no code is great and all until you have to do some real work. 

PowerApps Staff rc
PowerApps Staff

We are doing some work to improve the inline formula editing experience now, flagging @LanceDelano who is looking at this area

PowerApps Staff rc
PowerApps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
Level: Powered On

Would love to see pop out windows for powerapps. I would like to be able to move my "screens" and "Screen Properties" onto another computer screen. loving PowerApps so far keep it up.

- many thanks

Level 8

 FYI - I'd also like to add the following if possible (would be happen to open a new "idea"
 on these if that is a better way):


  • Ensure that multiple pop out windows are avaialble from within the same instance of PowerApps studio - ie: ability to open two or more different code blocks at a time within different screens or different actions - ability to compare code

  • Potentially also the ability to either have a splitter window within the same code block (allowing the ability to compare and edit two sections of the same code block), or alternatively to ensure that the prior bullet (multiple pop out windows) would allow two pop out views of the same code block (splitter is a better approach though here).
Level: Powered On

How about adding a mini Monaco editor, too much?