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Component as control in EnhancedGroups

I noticed that it is NOT possible to add Custom Components to an EnhancedGroup. Please make this possible.

The reason why this is important is because in my apps  I use EnhancedGroups a lot as containers. So I basically have:

  • one screen with on there an EnhancedGroup (E1).
  • In E1 I have a Gallery (G1) which is a Menu (with as Items a table with menu options)
  •  Also in E1 there are multiple EnhanchedGroups (say E2,E3,E4,E5). E2-E5 visibility is dependent on the G1 selected item.
  •  Everyone of the groups E2-E5 has it's own role. So one is a Excel like list ( with a gallery (G2)) and the other one is like a Form (F1). 
    - Now in G2 and F1 there are Controls (like comboboxes, textinput in which I have to set-up all the attributes.
  • So I have groups in groups in groups in groups. At this place I would surely benefit from a custom component.
  • See pic below for a schematic


Hope my explanation makes sense and the PowerApps Team understand my approach on using Enhanced Groups as Containers.


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Hi Mr Dang,


Could you maybe address this request to the right team? Thanks.





Hi @KroonOfficeSol, this is a current limitation as well as inserting components into galleries and data cards.


That said, since components are containers of controls, my suggested pattern here would be to make your regions as components themselves.

Level 10

Hi @Mr-Dang-MSFT  Though of that myself, but this won't work due to the facts I need to add different controls in the group on the needs at hand. So pre-fixing in a component is not a possibility here.


I will wait using components until this limitation is overcome. But still, could you address the limitation to the right team.


Thanks for your quick response. Paul