Connections to QuickBooks

Status: Under Review
by JDJR on ‎05-02-2016 06:50 AM

You should consider adding a connector to QuickBooks online.  This will allow us to add, pull, and remove entries via the app.  We will be able to create a new customer within Intuit and see their Invoices and/or create a new one.  Accepting payments (Paypal, Intuit, Square) will also be nice.

Status: Under Review
by Black783
on ‎09-30-2016 04:05 PM

Couldn't agree moreSmiley Happy

by PowerApps Staff archanan
on ‎04-14-2017 01:52 PM
Status changed to: Under Review
by Sparkytim
on ‎05-05-2017 05:52 PM

please create a quickbooks enterprise solutions connector

on ‎09-12-2017 09:37 PM

Quickbooks integration would be great! Quickbooks Invoice to Outlook email attachment.

by MarkSteffen
on ‎09-20-2017 08:58 AM

Yes these QuickBooks integrations are needed!

by scott94115
a month ago

I need this as well.

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