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Connector to SAP

It'd be nice to have a connector to SAP to mash financial data with Project Data

Status: Under Review
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No offense Evan, but that seems to be more of a workaround rather than a solution. I think what people are looking more for, are you planning on making a SAP connector or not for Flow and PowerApps?

PowerApps Staff

We may do this in the future, but SAP has a number of different variations of the APIs which each customer can change and configure.  The work arounds would be the way to start if you need to create solutions today.

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What is the status of this? Is there a way to create a custom connector to hit SAP BW db?

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We have everything in SAP Business One and in order to get the full value of PowerApps and SAP, we at least need PowerApps to be able to talk to SAP.


One idea is using the Batch Import function that can be done loading Excel templates into SAP.

If the fields in the PowerApp align the the corresponding fields in the Excel template, then perhaps this could be a viable option. The imports could possibly be scheduled on a daily basis, or manually uploaded each week/month depending on the data requirements.


I know this is a round about way of doing things, but it could potentially work for some use cases if there are not any other options. 

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SAP connector is required

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Flow connector with Infor M3 would be highly appreciated 

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Please consider adding this. 

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We absolutely need this. 

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This would resolve lots of issue! Please make this connector!