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Custom themes

OOT PowerApps has some themes but it's impossible to adapt the colors or to create one.. that could be a good idea

Status: Planned
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Giving this some new love :-)

Any ideas on when this is going to be implemented, it would be a really welcome addition!

Level: Powered On

I've just been subscribed, but I'll pipe in as well. The lack of custom theming is a limiting factor of Power Apps adoption. Companies want to have consistent branding across their applications. 

For now, we're using other platforms and technologies, but we'd love to be able to add PowerApps into that toolbox.

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Yes! This is needed. Not having the ability to modify colors all at once creates a lot of time wasted. If I could create a theme that matches the company brand, it would save a ton of time. 

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Bumping, We really need a proper tool to modify the underlying color palette that already exists in the themes.json file contained in the compressed powerapp file. We should be able to export and apply the theme just like the current existing themes. There is already a microsoft experimental tool that extracts this, located here, but it doesn't always work with more complex powerapps.