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Developer Preferences - Set default preferences for different controls/forms etc.

I spend quite a bit of time changing simple, tedious settings such as font, font color and text size, especially in large forms. I believe it would be beneficial to allow developers to set default preferences for things such as:


  • Form Preferences
    • Star visible preferences
      • Color - Red
      • Boldness - Semi-bold
      • Font - Segoe UI
    • DataCardValue
      • Color - Black
      • Boldness - Bold
      • Font - Arial
      • Mode - TextMode.MultiLine (defaulting to single line centers text which looks weird)
      • PaddingX - 0
  • Label
    • DisplayMode - View
    • Vertical Align - Top


These preferences would ideally persist at an application level or perhaps there's more high level preferences such as font that can be at the developer profile level.


This would certainly save me a lot of time and I'm sure I am not alone. 


Status: New