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Display webpage inside of PowerApps

While some are looking at embedding PowerApps into their website, we are looking at this the other way around, we would like to embed some of our internal websites into PowerApps, especially those that have the ability to play mp4 embedded videos.


This way the user doesnt have to navigate outside of their app unless absolutely necessary (then they can click a button at the bottom which would "take me to the website"

Status: New
Level: Powered On

Yes this would be a great feature!

Level 10

I totally agree.  This is very necessary and much needed.  Much more than the HTML Text control provided, but down to basically allowing a PowerApp canvas app to host n iFrame directly within in.


Also needed/useful would be the ability for PowerApps to be able to get information back from an embedded web page directly - both in this embedded functionality in this idea, as well as in the current HTML Text control.  Will put in a separate idea on this but wanted to mention here as this would be useful as an additional option on this idea.  

Level 10

Totally agree, this would add so much extra value to PowerApps!


Level: Powered On

This is needed. Actually surprised that this is not possible.

Level: Power Up

WOuld meet a business requirement for me as we have various other systems that would be able to consolidate views in Powerapps using this feature. 

Level: Power Up

Yes , I am looking for the same ,it will helps a lot to someone.

Level: Power Up

Same here. Would be great!