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Drop down control has no blank option

There seems to be no option to select blank / nothing in the drop down control, thus if you have a lookup field in your database which is optional there is no way of leaving it blank or deleting it after it has been created.


All other lookups elsewhere (Sharepoint, MS Access, etc) have an option to select blank. Can this be added into PowerApps?

Status: Planned
PowerApps Staff

The recommended work-around is to use the Combo box control (you can disable the search field if desired).  Combo box control is blank by default and allows you to de-select your selections (by clicking on the X in the pill).


Currently all forms use Combo box for such input fields, and we'll be replacing the dropdown's implementation with one similar to Combo box.

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Any update?!!!!

Level: Power Up

Any update on this?!

PowerApps Staff

@JayP718 are you able to use combo box instead?

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There are bugs with using the combo box with long customized SharePoint forms where the form jumps to the bottom upon opening and forces the user to scroll back up . 


Very bad user experience!


See these threads:




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Any time frame on this?

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@FilipK The same result happens with a combo box

PowerApps Staff

We are planning to replace the dropdown implementation with that of a combo box, so that's the reason why this fix isn't being prioritized.


If you configure a combo box to disable searching (IsSearchable = false) and to be single-select (SelectMultiple = false) it should be fairly similar to a dropdown, with the advantage of being able to click on an "x" of the selected item pill to remove that item and have a blank selection.

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@FilipK This is not true for me. Even with the settings you mentioned the item appears to be removed but upon save it does not save the blank value to the sharepoint list. It just keeps the old value