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Edit powerapps on an ipad

I can login to PowerApps on iPad Pro using Safari, Edge and Chrome, but for all three browsers when trying to enter Edit mode to edit the app, a new browser tab is generated saying the browser is unsupported. Using an iPad Pro iOS versions 12.14 and most current versions of all three browsers. At first i thought it was a Safari issue, so I downloaded the iOS version of Microsoft Edge, but the same result.

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Level: Power Up

I am having the same issues. I have an iPad Pro with the latest version of Chrome. I login and can RUN canvas apps, but if I try to EDIT these apps a new tab opens saying “It looks like you’re using a browser that’s not supported.” (see photo). I happened to have access to a Galaxy Tab A running on Android OS with Chrome installed. Even though it did not have the latest version of Android or Chrome I was able to open PowerApps Studio and edit the app.


On the PowerApps system requirements page under the sub-heading “Supported browsers for PowerApps Studio”, Chrome on Android is NOT listed as supported. It may be that access to PowerApps Studio on iOS devices is being DELIBERATELY denied.


21F5E9C2-5682-4E13-8521-4F45E2A53ADB.pngPowerApps Studio iOS “not supported” page