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Enable binding to OOB Address Fields

While experimenting with PCF development I have noticed that it is not currently possible to bind properties to the OOB address fields (e.g. address1_line1, address2_line1, etc).


Could this be enabled? As currently, the only workarounds are to duplicate the address fields on the entity and then how JavaScript and/or workflow to synchronise the data between the fields, or to use the webapi to retrieve and update values.

Status: Under Review

Ack the issue, its being tracked via interna bug ID 1501610. 


Level: Powered On

Hi @OliverFlint  @HemantG 

1)You can pass the logical names of the field through input parameter(hardcoded)

<property name="addressLatitude" display-name-key="Enter Latitude Field Logical Name" description-key="Latitude Field Logical Name" of-type="SingleLine.Text" usage="input"/>


2)Then get the passed value through 

let getLatitude = context.parameters.addressLatitude.raw
3)And then retrieve values through 
4)You will get entity name and record id through;;
PowerApps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

Ack the issue, its being tracked via interna bug ID 1501610.