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Export Form to PDF

For me, exporting a form, or gallery to a PDF would be even more helpful than printing and still allow me to print a final "report" from a form or gallery.

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@Silverleaf wrote:

For me, exporting a form, or gallery to a PDF would be even more helpful than printing and still allow me to print a final "report" from a form or gallery.

Same here. Upper management always seems to want a printable output "so they can read it on the plane". It doesn't necessarily have to be a printable version of the form or gallery; in fact, it would be nice to have a dedicated interface for constructing a document out of the entered information.

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Exporting a form and charts to PDF, or even some other file type, would be helpful. Right now, I'm looking for ways to accomplish this outside of PowerApps, but having a difficult time.

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Under review for over two years.. any update?

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I'm really hoping MS is working on this or at least a way to create a printable document out of data gathered using PowerApps (it worked reasonably well out of Infopath).

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This is a huge pain point right now, especially because my organization is migrating from a vendor that easily does this. PowerApps is great for other functionality, but this is a key piece that is missing. Can a MS PM or admin update please?

The technique described in my works quite well with converting Word documents containing numerous Content Controls with on the corrosponding custom columns on the Document Library SharePoint. To create the "blank" document in SharePoint you simply instatiate a Flow triggered when a item in insert into and SharePoint List, following which you copy a template document to the document library and set custom properties you create on the document libraries to the list items properties saved from a form submited in PowerApps. The same Flow then converts that document, temporily copying the newly copied Word document to OneDrive for Business and use ODFB's Convert file action to convert the Word document into a PDF document following which you can use as desired, and delete the Word document.


PowerApps: Booking form with automated conversion to PDF


The potential "deal-breaker" in using this technique is that it doesn't work with HTML or Rich Text controls containing perhaps multiple lines (such as line invoice items). This remarkably is a limitation of SharePoint as you cannot create muti-line html/rich text properties for columns on a Document Libraries.


That said, in Flow you can use the OneDrive for Business Convert file action to convert a PDF file to HTML. I've personally never tried this however I wouldn't necessarily rule out the possiblilty of injecting a HTML table containing line items rows passed from PowerApps to the Flow into an HTML document converted this way, following which convert the merged HTML content back to PDF format. Now that'd be super cool :-)

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hi all..


how is this going?


having a pdf control in powerapps would be lovely i think.




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Any updates on this ?