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Find and Replace Code in PowerApps

A feature to find and replace code in PowerApps would be very useful. This is a feature that I have seen in every IDE that I have worked with. This way, when code corrupts, "_1" at the end of form values, a simple find and replace would solve the problem. No more painstakingly clicking on every data field, navigating to the correct Propery, and replacing what needs to be replaced manually.

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This is desperately needed. If I have a form with 50+ checkboxes and need to slightly modify each OnCheck property I shouldn't have to copy/paste the change 50 times (currently experiencing this frustration). 



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Dear Microsoft, please consider this post.

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Absolutely agree. Even just a viewer would be immensely helpful, if the actual replace functionality is deemed too big to manage. Critical for building and maintaining apps, period. No app is perfect and only one-off, throw-away apps never get updates.

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This seems to be very much needy thing when your CDS migrated to 2.0. Your database columns changes as new_columnname. Instead of changing each and every errors. Need to keep an find and search like Find = "columnname" and Replace it with "new_columnname" in my whole Powerapps code.


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Please do it ffs, this is cruel,

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With "advanced options" for choosing the properties in which to search. This is a no-brainer feature. It's not something that should be coming from user requests - it's just a basic feature of literally every other program.