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Font Families in PowerApp.

There is a very limited set of font families in PowerApps it would be great to have more options or to be able to install new fonts.

Status: Under Review

This is under consideration, but is currently not planned at this time. Others should continue to vote, as well as to comment on business requirements to drive this priority.


Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve services and features in this area,


Level 10

Agreed. The fonts that are currently in PowerApps are Google Fonts. It would be great if you could license more.

PowerApps Staff

Thank you for bringing this up, what types of fonts are you looking into?

Microsoft Employee

Hi Laura, we need Segoe UI full set for our app.

Level: Power Up

Hi is it possible to add any Barcode font ? Or how can I do this by my self.

Level: Powered On

I 2nd the full Segoe UI set.

Microsoft Employee

It would be great to import new Font Families to PowerApps

Microsoft Employee

Another vote for this. If we can use custom fonts, then we could use custom font icon packages, and have scalable vector graphics in the form of fonts, for which we could even change colors for. Great for dashboards, kpi indicator symbols, etc. to change color of graphics based on data/status.

Level: Power Up

3rd for Segoe UI full set!

Level: Powered On

I'd really appreciate being able to use this

to help dyslexic students with readability

Level: Powered On
My company branding uses the Avenir group of fonts. It would be nice if this was available (from a personal point of view). However, I am able to use Arial if Avenir isn't available without breaking the branding guidelines.