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Gateway in non default environments

In a non default environment we couldn' use a Gateway to connect to on-premise resources.

It should be posible to reuse/share an existing gateway in non default envrionments to create a connection to an external database (ex. SQL Server on-premise).



Status: Planned

We plan to do this feature. Currently, if you have an urgent business need for this feature, we can whitelist your non-default environment to allow gateway. You need to file a support ticket for this and we will evaluate carefully your request.

PowerApps Staff

Hi, you still need to raise a ticket to make a gateway available in other environments. 

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@linhtran, When will this be available without raising a ticket? 

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Hi @linhtran ,


Can we still request a whitelist. We very much need this feature as we are trying to move all of our apps out of the default environment.




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This is really becoming a necessity. We have separate departments, and all have their own Power Platform DEV/ACC/PROD Environment. But because of the current “Only Default Environment” limitation they cannot follow through the ALM procedure as stated by the company…. Now every department has to list their environments to be whitelisted by Microsoft Support… Really frustrating!

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I really need this for development and test purposes