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Make links in rich text columns work

When I put content in a rich text column, links are fixed so that internal links are rewritten to be relative urls (which is a by design behavior).


However when displaying the rich text column in a PowerApp list form, the relative urls are prefixed with "" instead of the local site url.


This renders the links useless and prevents us from launching our otherwise cool LogicApp.

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Couldnt agree more.

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It looks like we need some extra attention on this column type.


Rich Text fields are important to the usefulness of many solutions we currently build. Links embedded in text are particulary necessecary and considered critical for most implementations


Without a robust Rich Text experience, we have to engineer around this very clunky field design.  

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I have the same issue both with rich text editor field and HTML text field, users want to enter sharepoint URLs in the multiline text field and when the field is displayed in powerapps the URL is prefixed with "" It only works if the URL is outside our environment. I wish if there is a workarround to this problem.

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Not ideal, but as a work-around we used the PowerApps Substitute command to replace all instances of “/sites/” with “https://<tenantname>” in rich text fields so the links are not broken.

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Hi rawork,


Your suggested work-around works to replace the URL's. So far so good.

Next problem is, that all clicks inside the form are being picked up by a listener on the "body" element of the form - so nothing happens when I click a link - whether it's an internal link like the ones we have been dealing with here, or if it's a link pointing to some external address like "https://www.anyting.something"

I have tried removing this listener, and then the links work fine. Problem is - I can only do this in the browser console - I have found no way to accomplish this in the PowerApp itself.

Any ideas?




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How can this be achieved without duplicating the url text?