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Multi-page Forms



I have SharePoint lists with 20-30 columns and including them in one screen makes it rather difficult to use.

it would really great if it was possible to split forms in to multiple pages and submit them altogether once. Thanks 

Status: Completed

Please try these steps:


1. Add a screen with a Form Control, bind the data, and add a few of the fields for the form.

2. Duplicate the screen created in step 1, and add other field controls (removing the ones already used in the previous screen).


continue repeating step 2 as needed....


Please let me know if this doesn't work for your requirements. Respectfully,



Level 8

I have the same struggle with Sharepoint Online Form as @jcollins has.

The only way to do that now is to hide/show different elements while using a single form. Kind of painful.


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Hi @bloodoff.... i resolved by settling to use Patch for the fields not on the 2nd page. so my onSave is submitting the data from that page and i also add on patch to patch all the fields from the 1st form.

Level 8

Hey @jcollins , I do use Patch in some other forms but I prefer to use Patch if updating another source. Not really sold on saving and patching the same data simultaneously Smiley Happy

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I've got this working using the patch method but one thing that this doesn't seem to take into account of is form validation - it allows me to continue to the next page even if fields don't meet validation or have missing values for required fields, etc.


How can I get this to work so that it doesn't allow users to navigate to the next page until they meet the field requirements for the current page? This wouldn't be such a problem but if they submit the form with errors, it doesn't update the Sharepoint list so all fields need to meet validation for the submission to be successful.


Many thanks in advance.