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Multi-page Forms



I have SharePoint lists with 20-30 columns and including them in one screen makes it rather difficult to use.

it would really great if it was possible to split forms in to multiple pages and submit them altogether once. Thanks 

Status: Completed

Please try these steps:


1. Add a screen with a Form Control, bind the data, and add a few of the fields for the form.

2. Duplicate the screen created in step 1, and add other field controls (removing the ones already used in the previous screen).


continue repeating step 2 as needed....


Please let me know if this doesn't work for your requirements. Respectfully,



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Hey folks,


I was able to do this by placing controls such as textboxes and dropdown menus in multiple pages and make their fill-in values as default vaues of the controls in a hidden form.


Then you can submit the form using a button control.


Hope this helps.




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Hi Anton,
Does this mean that you're submitting the form between screens then, and loading values into a hidden form between pages?


Flow Staff

I'm willing to do a skype session on this topic, but would like to invite several people. Let me know if you could attend early morning meeting (around 9AM via Skype), and if you're open to having your email address visible to the attendees. If not we can definitely figure out a way to address your challenges in this area.


Thank you again for your patience,


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Thanks Audrie. That would be really useful. Please send me an invitation to the Skype call. Thanks.

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We accomplished this as follows:



   StartFormButton: Onselect: NewForm( FormPart1 ); Navigate(FillFormPart1Screen, Fade)



   FormPart1: Datasource: DataCollectionName (link to your data source)

         (User fills out the form fields that were added to the form, about half of them)

   FillFormpart2Button: OnSelect: NewForm( FormPart2 ); Navigate(FillFormPart2Screen, Fade)



   FormPart2: Datasource: DataCollectionName (link to your data source)

         (User fills out the form fields that were added to the form, about half of them)

   ButtonSubmitFormParts: OnSelect:

           Patch(DataCollectionName, Defaults(DataCollectionName), FormPart1.Updates, FormPart2.Updates); Navigate(WelcomeScreen, Fade)


Patch will create a record for 'DataCollectionName' when Defaults(DataCollectionName) is specified, and insert the values from the sources that follow that (FormPart1.Updates and FormPart2.Updates), then will navigate back to the welcome screen via the appended Navigate function.



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Hi Audrie,


did we miss the session on this?


Looking to do exactly the same thing


Will look at your suggestion as well  jakekemme

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Hello i have two forms that i add them from database and have two separated table and each table is in blank page i need to create icon in both blank form that conect to each other. could you please someone tell me how can i do it. 



The patch method is great but it seems to only have parameters for 2 forms. What if I have more than 2? My customer wants their users to follow a 'wizard' of sorts where they get asked questions and based on the answes they get differnent forms that all lead up to a submit button that take all the data they entered on all the forms and submit it for a new record. is there a way to do this?


UPDATE: Obviously I was mistaken and the Patch function DOES in fact take more than one ChangeRecord argument. :-)



Brian K

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Is this true when using the "Customize Form" on a list? Or is this solution one when creating an App?


I am trying to use 2 forms on a customized form and there is not "Submit" button, only the "Save" button. When I click Save, it only saves the data on the 2nd form to the list.  Is there a different solution when doing this with a customized form? thanks!