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Multiple value lookup Sharepoint

To improve integration of Powerapps (O365) with Sharepoint online (also O365) it is a necessity to allow for viewing and editing multivalued lookups through a Powerapps app. Lookup columns with multiple values enabled are a very common and widely used feature in Sharepoint.


As stated on this page currently multivalued lookups in Sharepoint are not supported.





Status: Completed
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This is essential, any indication on when this is coming? Started by wanting to save to Excel, but can't to SharePoint doc lib. Moved to SharePoint list and can't use because of this.

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Agree this is essential!

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Omg this is so frustrating not being able to have mutiple values for a field for view or edit. Agreed with the others to have this added as soon as possible!

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I'm creating a shared folder access form which requires at least 10 checkbox items which I would like to integrate with Microsoft Flow and Approvals. Because of this limitation, I have to create multiple single value columns which is really a pain. It will take forever for me to complete the whole workflow this way.

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Agree. I also want to know when this is coming.
I want to select multiple users so I hope it will implement soon.

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I need this as well for a project we're working on.  High priority.  I would hate to do a complicated work around that will have to live on for quite some time due to a limitation in PowerApps, when Sharepoint lists already support this.

Any other way for PowerApps to at least access the info, even short term?  ie: any way to force it to read the value as something else?  I'd prefer not to pervert my list just to get PowerApps to work with it.  Even if I had to do a workaround in PowerApps that is less than ideal for now, that's ok, but don't want to change the format of the list if possible.

PowerApps Staff

Multi value lookups are now supported with the new Combo box control and the corresponding Multi-select data cards.  Easiest way to see this is to select the multi-select cards for your form fields as in the image below.


Note that SharePoint connector is currently rolling out the support for multi value fields, so some users may not see these options yet.  It is already available for some users, and we expect it to be rolled out to everyone over the next couple of weeks. 




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Status changed to: Completed
PowerApps Staff
Status changed to: Completed