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Next and previous item function

I've seen various workarounds to approximate this behaviour, but it would be much better to have a proper function for it.


What we want is an ability to know the position of a row of data within the sequence of data in our data source, and be able to have a function that allows us to move to the next record, or the previous record.


I've seen some solutions that use ID, and increment the ID to move to the next record, but that's no good if someone deletes a record and your IDs aren't sequential. There's another method that uses the first or last record with a higher or lower ID than the current one - that 'works', but it feels a bit iffy, and restricts me to only being able to browse in the sort-order of my ID column.

Status: New
Level 8

Another reason we need a specific function for this is that the workaround doesn't work for delegation.