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On premise access to SQL server Views

Access to views would help in the development of more complex apps. Currently we can only access tables when using On premise SQL Server.

Status: Planned
Flow Staff
Status changed to: Planned
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it would be great to access Views, i had to stop developing and app fot that reason, i couldn read a view a did.

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I am developing an application that combines several SQL tables, and it will be much more elegant to do the JOINs on the SQL side rather than in the App.  Also, using the SQL view will limit the amount of data sent to the App.

I understand the complexities with INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE with Views, but my use case is read-only from the complex view.

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In real worls tables uses n to n links, with SQL Server thoses liked information are accessed by SQL Request using joins.

There is now way to du that at the request level on the SQL server, of course you can use Lookup to get linked information but ONLY at the Control level by putting Look ups in the Control Value.

Well done but if you try to scroll into a table where you have lookup buid in controls, this involve a very numerous message trafic between the mobile application and the server. On Azure this lead to a "rate exeeded" error with red messages !

Simple calculation if you scroll 10 records per second with your finger and you have 10 lookups in a gallery cards this leads to 100 requests per second and crashes Azure SQL.

The best solution to this is to enable Powerapps connection to views where the joins would be done at the server level as it is intendes in a proper SQL Server application.

At this moment it is not possible to develop applications with PowerApps when you have linked table in a relational database.


So, please enable acces To Views in addition to Tables for the SQL Server Connector.

Best Regards