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Power Apps Background Colour under "App settings" i.e. app load background

Currently there are many wonderful colours to choose from for the background in "App settings" (this is the background you see while the app is loading) but I can't see an option for white. Our Organisational logo has a white background and it would be really usefull to have the option of a white background.


This can't be difficult to implement, so I really hope that it's an option that can be availed as soon as possible.

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is there not an HEX option? or RGBA, or anything thats not preset?

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Unfortunately, the current version of PowerApps studio does not allow to set white background. Suggestion is to make your company logo transparant.

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I'm surprised to see that white is not an option! Indeed for when logo and inhouse style is black and white, It's strange to have to use a color.

Hopefully this will be considered as I can't imagine this to be difficult. Or let us choose like Sppro suggested with HEX or RGBA.



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I do have the same issue. It is close to nothing, having a feature to only choose the background from a fixed predefined palette. Why? Why, in these days of modern and rich user experience would you think this feature was useful as it is?


This brings more confusion than it offers solutions. A business user looks at that and assumes instantly that they can have a logo and colors as they want.


pretty useless...

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Any movement on this? 


We need a white background! Please.

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Me too!!

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Any news on this, looking for Black or White! @Mauz91 

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We need it for real because I tried to put a specific background color on my icon to avoid the predefined color but in protrait mode the image is slightly rectangle, so you can see the predefined background color. There is no way to avoid it so let us choose an HEX or RGBA color please !!!