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PowerApps App opens to "All apps"

When opening the PowerApps Application to select which App you want to open, the default drop down box brings you to "My Apps"

This is problematic because if you arent the creator of the app you are looking for, you wont be able to find it until you select "All Apps" from the dropdown.


This can be confusing for some users at first. I think it would make more sense to open up to all the apps you have access to, and narrow down your search accordingly.


Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

All my users have the app show up right away - no problemo

Level: Powered On

Could you provide more information? Does your app open up to "My Apps" or "All Apps"? 


I think its possible that your users are navigating past this without your knowledge


PowerApps by default opens up to "All Apps" so you must have your app setup in a different way.