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PowerApps Attachments to SharePoint lists size limit

Currently there is a limitation of uploading a file attachment size to max of 10 MB. SInce SPO can accept upto 250 MB per file in a list item, it makes sense to increase the attachment size in PowerApps to 250MB.

Status: Planned
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@FilipKThank you for telling us what's going on. Seriously I always appreciate the communication and even moreso with the specific concerns you, the developers, are trying to address in solving this problem. Understanding that the issue isnt some arbitrary limit that could just be increased makes waiting more tolerable.

@DevelopAlways"You have to do things like add a timer that refreshes the data source every few seconds to actually get it to work."

Glad to see I'm not the only one using this atrocious hack lol

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What about the hack of using a collection for a single record because storing and patching a record in a local variable causes coercion problems that you can't even debug! Works fine one day and then the next you get all these red errors for all controls using the local record with the dreaded "the types specified are not compatible with the types specified elsewhere"" message. So you have to use 'First(collection)' everywhere! WTF?


PowerApps Staff

Hey everyone, I finally have some good news.  We are in the process of increasing the hardcoded limit of max attachment size to 100MB.  We are going to release this as a preview feature (you have to enable it first under File | App settings | Advanced Settigns | Preview features) as you'll need to test your use cases accross platforms and devices used with your apps.


Should be in production by September.

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This is great, @FilipK!


Can we get an estimate on when this will be enabled for preview? I don't see it there currently.


Thanks again for the timely updates!!

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Thanks @FilipK  and all the Devs. Great News.