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PowerBI Impersonation/View as logged in user‏


as an admin/system customizer, I'll be the authenticated user when I create the CRM report/dashboard with PowerQuery, this means I will get everything (due to the admin privilege). Now the case is, I want to share this particular dashboard with salespeople, and I only want them to see their own leads and if the report is published to PowerBI, the salespeople will be able to see all data (as the data source from the PowerQuery was coming from me, the admin). If we could set the Dynamics CRM PowerBI Dashboard to have impersonation/view as logon user will be the great.

Status: Under Review
Level: Powered On
Status changed to: Under Review
Level: Powered On
The right approach is for the admin or customizer to build a Power BI Excel template and distribute it to organization's sales people. Each user should use their own credentials to connect to CRM and refresh the templates. That way they will be limited to see only the data that is allowed per their permissions in Dynamics CRM syste,. The same excel workbook they can later upload to Sharepoint site and share/collaborate appropriately with their colleagues.
Level: Powered On
Doesn't this approach mean every sales person would have to create their own dashboard? Is there a correct way to use PowerBI in an embedded dashboard in CRM, while respecting security?