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Refresh issue with Silverlight app in an IFRAME

Author Name: Louis-Philippe Perras

The RU12 introduced an issue with IE10. When you have a SL app in an entity form and then click a left item in the nav menu, the SL app does not disappear, leaving it on the screen even though it's no longer in the HTML structure. If you then try to click on it it causes the browser screen to go white and will sometimes crash the browser.

Steps to replicate the issue:

- Open the account entity (or any entity) as an Administrator.
- Click the Customize Tab at the top and then Form to start modifying the form.
- Click the Insert Tab at the top and then insert a new Section by clicking One Column.
- Click IFRAME in the Control section of the Insert tab.
- Type a name for the IFRAME control and a URL that point to a Silverlight app.
- Uncheck ‘Restrict cross-frame scripting’.
- Click OK
- Click the Home tab at the top and then click Save and Publish to publish the modifications.
- Click all windows to go back to the list of Accounts (Or the entity you just modified) and re-open the entity record.
- Once the form loaded, scroll to see the frame we just added and then click a link on the left pane like More Addresses to see the SL app not refreshing properly.

The bug only occurs in IE10.

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Status changed to: Completed
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Same here. I have raised a service request, might be a good idea if you did too!
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Just in case anyone actually looks at this (lol), I have another couple of issues around IE10 and silverlight: 1. I have a form with a silverlight web resource. If you open the form and close it before the SL resource has finished loading IE10 crashes (it recovers the tab of the main CRM screen). 2. I have a screen which is opened via a button on the form which also contains a web resource. This no longer works at all - the SL resource doesn't load. IE9, Firefox and Chrome all work in these circumstances.
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We have the same issue. Here are some findings: -The issue happens in IE10 and IE10 with Compatibility mode -The issue does not happen in IE9 -The issue does not happen in IE10 in pre-RU12 -So it is the combination of RU12 (and 13 btw) and IE10 Dear CRM Team: Please fix this as it is not trivial to tell 1000 users that they need to downgrade their IE for their app to work again!
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Thanks for your feedback. This should already be fixed as part of CRM 2013. Thanks Anusha Shankar