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Share an app with an office 365 group

I've tried the preview version as per this suggestion:


However I'm sill told I can't share with this type of group.

Obviously a distribution list isn't a security group - but surely you can simply enumerate all users in the group and then add them individually to the share-list?


Even the outlook add-members-to-group function allows you to copy/paste a whole bunch of users and then select them one-by-one.  Not ideal, but still better than typing each name individually.


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Status: Planned

This is planned on our long-term roadmap, however I don't yet have a release date estimation. We appreciate your patience as we work toward extending capabilities in this area.



Level: Power Up

I cannot promote the use of power apps in our organization without the ability to grant access to apps by groups of people. We have anywhere from 3000 to 8000 employees depending on our current projects. Project groups are not managed through active directory/Security accounts. Trying to manually add and delete individuals instead of managing the groups would be insane.

Level: Powered On

Is there any update about this? I find it a MUST in Powerapps and I can't understand they didn't give a release date yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 8

I am as shocked as everyone else, the fact that this is still not possible in inexcusable. I just did a demo for a customer about how helpful PowerApps will be for their organization and when I showed them the PowerApp web part we realized that the App could not be easily be shared with the same Office Group that could use the SPO site and lists. This is a total deal breaker for them and cannot be explained in any rational manner.

Level: Powered On

So ridiculous. Here's this great new feature (unified groups), but it's not compatible with our other software. 

Typical Microsoft. This is very dissappointing and frustrating. Hopefully this doesn't take a full year to implement, I've got a group migration project that this is dependent on, and I didn't think to check that unified groups could be added to powerapps, I just assumed they would....Because that would make too much sense. 

Level 10

I also need this feature to be able to easily control share to apps. @Audrie-MSFT , Could you give an update on the status of this request, will it be released in the Oktober release?


Hope to hear from you.