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SharePoint Online : Support default "Task list" and "Task Content Type" in PowerApps

It appears that currently “Task lists” in SP are not supported by PowerApps, it would be great if tasks would be supported so that project members can also manage their tasks remote (e.g. on the shopfloor).



Status: Planned
Level: Powered On

and that would also help to make workflow tasks more supportive on mobile platforms 

Level 10

In some cases task list are also used in a similar way as a standard SP list. In this scenario Powerapps are not able to locate that list, since its a task list. So I fully support this suggestion. :-)

I have the similar issue with flows, but there you can enter a custom list name and work around it.
Would be great if you could add the same option for powerapps as well.

See also my suggestion:

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Plus 1 to this suggestion
Flow Staff
Status changed to: Planned
Level: Powered On

But not only for Powerapps, also for simply SP flow

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Yes, please quickly add Tasks to PowerApps and Flow!

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Indeed, the compleet modern experience should come to tasks, calendars, project online,...

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Is there something new with adding "Task list" and "Task Content Type" in PowerApps?
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I couldn't believe that Flow is unable to add a task to a SharePoint task list!!!

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Badly needed feature....task list is also a sharepoint list and must be able to connect with PowerApps