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Spell Check

Full spell check capability for PowerApps would be very helpful. 

Status: Planned

We are planning to enable end-users to use their browser's spell-checking and correcting functionality on the Text input and Rich Text Editor controls.

Level: Powered On

@FilipK Is there an official announcement/documentation that PowerApps on Windows support is limited or low priority? 

Because this has quite an implication on decision making to offer PowerApps over other technologies when proposing solution to clients.



Level: Powered On

@FilipK just seeing your comment that the spell check feature was planned for summer 2019. is there an updated timeline on this? thanks!

Level: Powered On

@FilipK  is there an update on the spell check feature or any workaround for this?

PowerApps Staff

This is getting to the top of our que, we expect it to be out in production by November.

Level: Powered On

This is a great idea.

What definition of "Real Soon Now" have you applied to this request?