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Staging environments so admins/owners can test while in maintenance mode

Taking a portal out of maintenance mode can be risky because there is no way beforehand to assert the success/completeness of a deployment.


Portal admins/owners need a way to access and test a deployed portal configuration before making it available to the public.


Ability to swap between environments would be great.

  • Environment 1 = Config-driven portal
  • Environment 2 = Portal locked in maintenance mode (single static page)
  • Admins can control which environment is bound to primary domain (e.g. and which environment is bound to IP-restricted secondary domain (e.g.
Status: New
PowerApps Staff

This is actually possible today, you can have as many number of Portals which you can tie to same set of logical website configuration in your org. To do this, you can follow these steps: -

a) Get a Portal addon

b) Provision it for same org, keep template type and language same

c) In majority of the cases this will directly connect to you existing logical configuration in the org else you can create a website binding manually.

d) Once done you will have two distinct portal rendering same configurations. You can then enable/disable maintainence mode, setup IP restrictions, turn on/off or pretty much any portal administrator access on each portal differently.

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@dileepsYes - technically you achieve this today with a second portal add-on. However, these add-ons are not free. You would be paying the price of a full portal instance - even though you don't intend to be running two portals in parallel.


What I'm proposing is a second FREE environment that is always locked down in maintenance mode - you can ONLY use it to display your "under maintenance" message.

PowerApps Staff

@davidjenkins - ohh ok, in that case i will suggest this to be clubbed with Sandbox portal license Idea since this is essentially asking for a cheaper version of portal. 

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@dileeps The low-cost sandbox portal license would be one approach - but again there is a cost proposed with this solution - which is understandable because it would be a subsequent fully functioning portal in parallel to your production portal (regardless of what your intended use is).


A maintenance-mode-only instance would be limited to a single function and require extremely few server resources (making the argument possible that it should be free and automatically included).